Strike on Vinnytsia: Russians hit offices, 25 cars burn out, 12 dead


At least 12 people, including a small child, have been killed as a result of Russian missile strikes on Vinnytsia on the morning of 14 July.

Source: National Police; Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko on Telegram; State Emergency Service of Ukraine on Telegram

Quote from Tymoshenko: “Russian missiles hit the centre of Vinnytsia. 8 are dead, including a small child. There are wounded”

Quote from State Emergency Service of Ukraine: “At 12:15 AM 12 dead and 25 wounded.”

Details: The police emphasised that there was a small child among the dead.

According to preliminary data, 3 Russian missiles hit a building with office space. The strikes also affected the Officers’ House and nearby residential buildings.

A fire broke out at the place of the ‘arrivals’, spreading to the car park. Currently, there are about 50 cars on fire. Rescuers are working on the site.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported soon after that 25 cars had burned out completely.


  • On the morning of 14 July, Russians hit the centre of Vinnytsia with missiles, resulting in fires. According to various sources, there were from 2 to 4 explosions.
  • According to the head of Vinnytsia Oblast Serhii Borzov, 4 more missiles over the oblast were shot down by the Air Defence Forces.


  1. Yet another “military” target taken out by the subhuman vermin. When will the West give Ukraine the means to destroy targets deep into Crimea and Russia itself, instead coming out with the usual, “we call on Russia” BS?

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