From the LinkedIn page of Daria Zhuk

July 14

reactions of « simple ruzzianz » re dozens of murdered peaceful people in Vinnytsia
#russiaisaterroriststate #cancelrussia #stoprussianaggression


  1. Horrifying. The mentality of this so-called nation is pure nazi inbred evil. This ain’t a one-off; you only have to see the vox pops on YouTube. Even the ones with an education are gloating at the blood, misery and genocide inflicted by their demonic fuhrer.

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  2. How can a nation – Russia – sink so low into the filthy, stinking swamp of depravity and wickedness? It simply baffles the sane human mind.

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    • And how can they constantly and consistently defy logic and support propaganda? Some really do believe for 8 years Ukrainians were bombing Ukrainians in the Donbas….despite ZERO evidence in 8 years. They deserve every discomfort they get.

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