Ukrainian special ops rescue five from Russian-occupied Kherson in daring raid

Five Ukrainian troops have been rescued in a special operation in the southern Kherson region, occupied by pro-Russian forces.

Authorities said “five Ukraine citizens held by the Russian occupiers were released,” during a “special operation” by forces of the Ukrainian military intelligence.

A military serviceman, a former police officer and three civilians had been freed and one of those released has a “serious combat wound”, Ukraine’s armed forces said in a statement. 

A Russian-installed official in Kherson gave a different version of events, claiming that at least seven people had been killed and that civilians and civilian infrastructure had been hit.

The area Ukraine struck is one of strategic importance with Black Sea access, a once thriving agricultural industry, and a location just north of Russian-annexed Crimea.


  1. A job well done! Ukraine has one of the world’s best special ops forces!

    “A Russian-installed official in Kherson gave a different version of events”

    No shit! They always say something different, and it’s usually a blatant lie.

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