Ukraine small taste of what’s to come from Putin: Bill Browder

Interview recorded April 5, 2022.

Three months ago, Bill outlined how sanctions should be applied. He was ignored. A couple of quotes: “Completely and absolutely the most evil man alive in the world today”. “No compassion, no mercy, will never back down.”


  1. Bill is a money man who crossed putler and has been on his kill list for years. He, along with Brian Whitmore, suggests that the oligarchs are custodians of RuSSian money and all must “pay tribute” to the “Capo di tutti i capi”; aka putler, who Bill estimates has a stash of $200bn.
    The lawyer who uncovered the massive corruption of the putler regime: Sergei Magnitsky, was tortured to death, hence Bill’s lobbying for what became the Magnitsky Act.

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  2. The West MUST finally stop pussyfooting around with the Kremlin. It Must hurt the crime regime in the Kremlin and end its reign of terror once and for all. There are two ways to do this. One, a complete military defeat in Ukraine for the Russian army. Two, the confiscation of ALL assets that are associated with Russia and its representatives and oligarchs.

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