The Russians are trying to cash in on the “bavovna” in Belgorod: they are destroying their houses for compensation

Residents of the Belgorod region break tiles and glass in their homes to become “victims” of the explosions.

People want to upgrade due to repair compensation / screenshot
People want to upgrade due to repair compensation / screenshot

The Russians managed to find a reason for profit even in the explosions in the Belgorod region. Some enterprising residents of the region are destroying their homes to compensate.

The head of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, spoke about the profit on the “bavovna”, communicating with the Russians live.

So, a resident of Belgorod began to complain that as a result of “claps” (in the Russian Federation they try to call explosions that way), furniture, a TV set and a refrigerator were damaged in her home. The outraged woman wants compensation.

In response to the Russian woman’s complaint, Gladkov said that the region’s authorities had already begun to assess the damage and would allocate funds to repair the damage “taking into account the income of each family.” However, he noted that against the backdrop of explosions in Belgorod, some residents began to cheat.

Some locals smash tiles and glass in their homes to compensate. According to the official, the residents of Belgorod and the region began to look for benefits in the “bavovna”. People want to renovate repairs at the expense of compensations, change old windows for plastic ones and just get money. 

Also not without “fairness”. It turns out that if a family lives well and has a swimming pool that was damaged by explosions, then the Russian authorities will not compensate for the cost of repairing it. The official claims that such a family will be helped with the restoration of the roof, glass and doors. And such a “luxury” as a swimming pool, people must restore themselves, which is “fair”, says Gladkov. 

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