Russia Will Go All Way to Warsaw if U.S. Arms Ukraine More, State TV Says

Russian state TV host Olga Skabeyeva has suggested that U.S. military support for Ukraine could see the war spill over into a conflict between Russia and NATO.

During a broadcast of 60 Minutes on Tuesday, Skabeyeva gave her take on the shifting aims of Vladimir Putin since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

“Initially we just planning to liberate only those who live in Donbass from the yoke of the Nazis,” she said on Russia’s Channel-1, referring to one of the Kremlin’s justifications of the war which has been dismissed internationally.

She then went on to criticize the latest deliveries of “western weapons” to Ukraine. Last month, the U.S. started sending Ukraine the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) which Kyiv says have already made a difference on the battlefield.

The weapons can hit targets at a greater range than the M777 howitzers, which the U.S. has also given Kyiv. Pro-Kremlin figures have expressed their concern at the weapon systems which have reportedly caused significant losses of troops and equipment, especially as the U.S. has pledged even more military support for Ukraine.

“If God forbid, Americans deliver missiles that can travel 300 kilometers (186 miles), then we simply can’t stop,” Skabeyeva said, “We’ll go all the way to Warsaw.”

As part of NATO, any targeting of Poland by Russia would spark Article 5, which states that an attack on one alliance member is an attack on all, and thus would spur a response. Newsweek has contacted the Polish foreign ministry for comment.

In the same segment from Tuesday, which was tweeted by journalist and Russia watcher Julia Davis, one panelist, the political scientist Mikhail Markelov, said that Russia should “seriously think about liquidating the Nazi leadership of this country.”

In his view, this should not be restricted to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and his inner circle, but also “the parliament and the entire government that is committing total genocide against its own people.”

Davis tweeted, “Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that Russia’s war is not against the Ukrainian people, but against their government. Propagandists on state TV continued that train of thought, urging Russia’s military to kill the entire Ukrainian government, including President Zelensky.”


  1. “If God forbid, Americans deliver missiles that can travel 300 kilometers (186 miles), then we simply can’t stop,” Skabeyeva said, “We’ll go all the way to Warsaw.”

    Perhaps this nazi whore should take a look at what is happening in Ukraine since they received a piddling few US weapons. The orcs and their supplies are being destroyed on a large scale, should Ukraine get what it wants, Russia will be going Eastward very quickly, not Westward.

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  2. Here is a video from Operator Starsky. Go to the 2.18 min mark. You will see a perfect example of a mentally retarded orc. The pure hatred on her face, says it all.

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    • She is a spectacularly ugly and evil creature: a textbook definition of a female troll. But this rancid, nazified hatred is nothing new in that Godforsaken hellhole. We saw it in 2008 when they invaded Georgia and sacked the city of Gori. A video appeared on YouTube; long since taken down now, of a Russian degenerate “soldier” who switched on his mobile as they marauded through the hastily abandoned Gori barracks. “Look at the comfortable beds these fucking bastards have; ours are nothing like that. And look at that food; ours is just shit and they live so well!” What then happened was just an orgy of vandalism. I remember also an old lady sitting on the street outside her home in Gori: nothing was left.
      Plus they had driven their tanks over her smallholding and destroyed the crops, plants and animal houses. They left her with nothing, just for the devilry of it.
      They destroyed the childrens’s play areas and sports grounds with their tanks and looted all the shops before they finally fucked off. They tortured city officials to try to find out where the police chief was; but got nothing.
      Now outside Gori is a mini-village that Saakash built to accommodate the refugees from Abkhazia and South Ossetia. They are all still there now; 14 years later, thanks to the lack of action by the allies.

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  3. Hmmm … what sort of drugs are necessary to endure these anencephalous morons?
    Just askin’ … not saying I want to take drugs or wanting to endure these anencephalous morons. I’ll just watch Sponge Bob instead. The cartoon is closer to the truth and funnier…

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  4. Trying to go to Warsaw, which is one of the things they plan to do regardless, would get them destroyed. The destruction would be much faster than what Ukraine has been able to do over the past 5 months.


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