From the LinkedIn page of Roman Sheremeta

Associate Professor of Mathematics at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

July 13

The United Nations is a morally bankrupt organization, not to mention its complete ineffectiveness.

When I was younger, I used to think the UN was legitimate and honorable organization. But now I understand how morally corrupt this organization is. Just think about it:

1) The mass-murdering country that is committing genocide on the global scale is on the UN Security Council. How safe do you feel when Russia is protecting you? Maybe you should invite a Russian soldier who has been raping Ukrainian women to baby sit your children.

2) Russia targets shopping malls, markets, hospitals, and schools. And the UN is trying to blame Ukraine for it. Ukraine is an independent and free country. To consider that any attack of Russians on any facility or person within Ukraine is ‘partially the fault of the Ukrainians’ is a morally bankrupt logic.

3) The New Zealand Prime Minister recently claimed that the United Nations has failed its mandate and is morally bankrupt. Moreover, the UN is indirectly responsible for the genocide to have lasted over four months so far.

The UN needs to die as an organization and it needs to be replaced by an organization that actually works to protect the world’s peace and not to protect the mass-murdering country that is committing genocide.



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