From the LinkedIn page of Olgha Boewa yesterday

An endless column of the Russian army is moving through Melitopol towards Kherson.

The Russian occupiers have begun preparations for street fighting in Kherson.At the same time, the situation in the city is heating up every day – explosions are heard and automatic bursts are heard.On July 8, Vice Prime Minister – Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk called on residents of Kherson and Zaporizhia regions to evacuate by all available means so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could liberate these territories without endangering the civilian population.
According to Vereshchuk, the invaders are doing everything to prevent the evacuation of civilians.
In particular, the Russian military on July 12 once again blocked the exit from the captured Melitopol to Zaporozhye, said the mayor of the city Ivan Fedorov.
Russian troops did not take offensive actions in the southern direction and concentrated on holding their defensive positions. The occupiers continued to inflict air, artillery and missile strikes along the entire southern line of confrontation.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops hit Russian ammunition depots and command posts in Kherson and the Zaporozhye region.
The occupiers moved the place of unloading of military equipment from Oleshki to Radensk – away from Kherson, probably in response to the increased attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Russian military infrastructure in the city and its environs.
In the South, there are more and more cases of desertion among Russians. The fugitives who manage to be caught are shot by their own. Residents of the Kherson region often hear shots, but they are told that these are exercises.
At the cemetery of Geologists, locals often hear automatic bursts. According to intelligence, Russian invaders shoot their deserters there. And the invaders lie to people that they are conducting military exercises.
Because of the constant artillery shelling by the Russian Federation units, the settlements of the Kherson region are without power supply.
This was reported by the operational group of troops “Kakhovka” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


  1. “The Russian occupiers have begun preparations for street fighting in Kherson.”

    Indeed, that is going to happen in the coming days. After the Ukrainian forces have eliminated every ammo dump and general it can find.

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    • Amen Sir CapW! May God also provide generators, medications, food, and water at the ready as Kherson is freed. May God also provide search/rescue teams and the right equipment to save lives.

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