From FB site; Pray for Ukraine

Jack Swindle July 13

🇺🇦 Day 139 of the war in Ukraine!
Most people don’t realize how much Ukraine contributes to the world’s well being. They are a major exporter of wheat, multiple gains, lithium and other rare minerals. Russia is laying mines, burning the wheat fields, blocking the shipping exports and trying to take control of the regions where all of the natural resources of Ukraine are found. Russia wants their food resources, their rare minerals, their natural resources, their land and the minds of the Ukrainian people. They are trying to stop Ukraine from being a benefit to the world. But, last week a Ukrainian woman won what is equivalent to the noble prize for her contribution in mathematics. She solved an extremely valuable mathematical problem that has baffled the math world since 1611 AD. It’s not just a theoretical solution but a practical solution that will change the future of the technology and communication world. Even in the midst of war and the devastation taking place in the sovereign nation of Ukraine. The world still benefits from the Ukrainian people, their culture, their resources and their country as a whole. God bless this woman and her achievement. God bless all who are suffering from these atrocities. And God bless all of those who are fighting for independence and freedom for this great country of Ukraine!
Photo is picture of her medal.


  1. There is a story today in the Telegraph about the Uvalde shooting incident on May 24, when an inbred savage named Salvador Ramos began a rampage. There was and rightly remains outrage as to how these senseless slaughters still occur.
    Yet Ukraine suffers these on an almost daily basis. Already the equivalent of fifty 9/11-type events have already occurred in Ukraine since Feb 24.
    Where is the outrage and why isn’t the putinazi economy being remorselessly choked to death like the victim of an orc?

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    • You ask a really good question…where is the outrage? Well I confess that I’m a hypocrite. When Russia was causing the same genocide in Georgia or Syria, where was I? Probably doing some other less relevant shit. For that I’m sorry. But now that it strikes at my core, I’m enraged. So the long and short Sir Scradgel is that we need to keep being the biggest pains in the ass to everyone until Russia is stopped.

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      • Just think : there are the equivalent of 200,000 Salvador Ramos’s inside Ukraine. Except they are even more evil and are funded by a satanic nazi regime.
        It could not be more urgent, yet the allies continue to drag it out by supplying help on a drip drip basis instead of a constant flood.

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  2. “Most people don’t realize how much Ukraine contributes to the world’s well being.”

    This is so true!. The vast majority of people on this planet have no inkling.
    Even if Ukraine had contributed very little to this world, it still deserves and has a right to be left alone, to live in peace, like all the other peoples on this globe, and not to be killed, raped, robbed and destroyed!

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