A high ranking officer from Crimea eliminated in Ukraine 

Colonel Oleksiy Avramchenko from Crimea who in 2014 betrayed the oath and switched sides to Russia in 2014, was eliminated, reports the Center for Journalistic Investigations on July 12.

Allegedly, the deputy commander of the 20th Guards Motorized Rifle Division for military-political work Avramchenko, came under fire not far from Kherson and died from blood loss.

Avramchenko was born in Simferopol and lived in Crimea.

Before the occupation of Crimea he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

After the capture of the peninsula by Russian invading forces, he didn’t arrive to the mainland of Ukraine and instead defected to Russia.

Prior to the betrayal, Avramchenko served in the military unit A-1668, the Crimean Territorial Department of the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and was the deputy commander for educational work.

It was Avramchenko who, during the occupation of Crimea in 2014, lowered the state flag of Ukraine on a military base and raised the Russian flag. After switching sides, he received a medal “for fidelity to the duty.”



  1. “After switching sides, he received a medal “for fidelity to the duty.”

    Karma is a bitch, now he’s being scraped up off the floor in Kherson Oblast.

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    • So he bled to death in Kherson, fitting. Likely he was in pain and very much alone as his life slipped away. I hope he had a moment of clarity that showed him the bad choice he made and the treason he committed. This is the same fate for all the putinazis that come to Ukraine uninvited. I hope they all receive a moment of clarity and realize who the real nazis are before their life fades to black.

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  2. The only bad aspect is that he hadn’t been tried by Court Martial, condemned and then executed in front of the troops he betrayed.


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