The State Department commented on the use of American weapons by Ukraine

The State Department expressed confidence that Ukraine properly guards and keeps records of defense equipment of American origin.

The State Department commented on the use of American weapons by Ukraine \ photo REUTERS
The State Department commented on the use of American weapons by Ukraine \ photo REUTERS

Official Washington has no doubts about the proper use of American weapons by Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation.

This was stated by US Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs Bonnie Jenkins, Radio Liberty reports .

“We are confident in the Ukrainian government’s commitment to properly guard and account for US-origin defense equipment. Without going into operational details, I can say that the United States is actively working with the government of Ukraine to ensure defense accountability and security assistance provided by the United States. We have great confidence in the Ukrainian government and what it is doing,” she said.l carriers to Ukraine – media

As UNIAN reported earlier today, the Financial Times wrote that NATO and the EU countries are pushing to improve the system for tracking  weapons that  they supplied to Ukraine, due to fears that they are being taken out of the country to the European black market.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I have to ask about the conditions of the civilian airports. I’ve found my November flight into Ukraine frustrated by the airline canceling the entry into Kyiv. One of my coworkers was insisting that all the airports were destroyed, but I countered that Ukraine wouldn’t be getting aid packages flown in then.

    I know that USAF C-130 planes can fly supplies via parachute drops out their rear cargo doors, but that seems too easy for orcs to mark possible locations of Ukrainian troops.

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    • I am also trying to get to Ukraine, in August or September, but flying in is impossible for the time being. I don’t know of any airlines that have flights going in or out. The solution to the problem is to fly into Poland, usually, Warsaw or Kraków, and to take a train from there. It complicates the journey and adds many hours to the trip, but it’s possible. This is what I’ll have to do.

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