Romania can now supply gas to Moldova and Ukraine – PM

Romania can now supply gas to Moldova and Ukraine – PM

Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă said that after the commissioning of the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector on Thursday, his country has the opportunity to supply natural gas to Moldova and Ukraine, European Truth has reported with reference to the Romanian news portal Digi24.

“In fact, this interconnector will connect the network passing through Anatolia and the Adriatic, as well as connect to the BRUA pipeline, thereby ensuring gas supplies to Bulgaria and Romania,” Ciucă said at a press conference with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“And, of course, we can provide gas supplies to our eastern partners – Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova and other countries according to the distribution scheme of this gas network,” the Romanian Prime Minister added.



  1. Eastern European allies have been amazing. Much respect for them for all the support they have given Ukraine.

    Saw a DW video talking about assembly work in Latvia. Help wanted.

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  2. We speak of the greatness of the Eastern European countries, well here’s a sentence from an article I just read about France

    “Prime Minister of France Élisabeth Borne suggested that the members of the newly elected National Assembly should organize a debate on the war in Ukraine and create a parliamentary committee for relations on this issue.”

    Sure why not set up another level bureaucracy rather then actually doing something meaningful. Atta way France. Keep showing me your colors.

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