In Izyum, the invaders shot people who were looking for a mobile connection on the mountain – media

The number of victims is unknown due to lack of communication with the city.

The occupiers in Izyum shot people who went to the mountain to catch mobile communications / photo
The occupiers in Izyum shot people who went to the mountain to catch mobile communications / photo

In the occupied Izyum, Kharkiv region, Russian invaders fired on Mount Kremenets, where locals had gathered to call their relatives. It is not yet known how many people died, since there is no connection with the city.

This is reported by the local edition  KHARKIV Today .

The tragedy at Kremenets occurred on July 8. The occupiers decided on a massive shelling in order to limit the communication of city residents with relatives who are in the territory controlled by Ukraine. 

According to eyewitnesses, dozens of people came to Kremenets that day, because only there they catch the connection of Ukrainian mobile operators. According to the newspaper, at 14:00 cluster munitions hit the mountain.

“The occupiers always stood on the mountain and listened to what people were saying. Namely, on that day, there was not a single one. My neighbor Denis Shcherbak, a good guy, died, his wife remained,” said volunteer Yulia Cherednik, who was able to save her family.

Social networks are actively spreading information about the death of about a dozen people. The exact number of victims is unknown. The occupiers have banned burials in the city and do not allow relatives to pick up the bodies.

Message on the number of victims / photo
Message on the number of victims / photo

Russian propagandists have traditionally blamed Ukraine for the tragedy and promised to publish the names of the victims. However, eyewitnesses claim that the shells came from the deep rear of the occupiers in the Izyum region.

Map of the area / photo
Map of the area / photo

“The strike was delivered by a cluster shell when people gathered to make calls to Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine simply technically could not fire cluster shells at Izyum. Not to mention the fact that there is no real reason for such strikes,” said Maxim Strelnik, head of the Izyum City Council department.

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  1. Eternal memory to the fallen, and comfort to their friends and families. Another case of ruzzian genocide. This war is not just about freedom, but the very right to exist. May God rain down fire upon the orcs. May the heavens be shut to their pleas. May their supplies burn and reinforcements not come. May fear be in their stony hearts and depraved minds. May they flee in terror before God Almighty and the UAF to their own destruction.

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