General from Simferopol, five officers killed due to attacks on invaders’ HQ near Kherson – spokesperson of Odesa Regional Military Administration

Spokesperson of Odesa Regional Military Administration Serhiy Bratchuk has announced the death of 150 Russian occupiers, including a general and five officers, as a result of a strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on their base in the occupied part of Kherson region on Sunday.

“After HIMARS missiles hit the headquarters in Kherson region, chief of staff of the 22nd Army Corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (military unit No. 73954, Simferopol), Major General Nasbulin, was killed. Colonel Kens, whose death were reported yesterday, died in the same place. And besides him, commander of the 20th motorized rifle division (military unit No. 22220, Volgograd) Colonel Andrey Gorobets, head of the operational department of the headquarters of the 20th motor rifle division Colonel Koval, chief of artillery of the 20th motor rifle division Colonel Gordeev were also killed. In total, there were more than 150 dead, including five officers,” says the message that Bratchuk posted on his Telegram.

Earlier, MP Oleksiy Honcharenko said that the strike was carried out on the base of the Russian occupiers located in the regional center. “Today, our direct hit smashed the ruscists’ base in Kherson … According to my information, they got into the Russian National Guard’s barracks. A lot of 200 body bag,” he said on Sunday.


  1. This is number 14 … general killed, that is! It is an unprecedented achievement in the history of warfare!
    And, the HIMARS are becoming legends … like Javelins, Byraktars, NLAWS and Ukrainian tractors!

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