UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to run for Conservative Party leadership 

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has announced her intention to take part in the race for the position of leader of the Conservative Party and as a result the post of prime minister, UK news channel Sky News reported on July 10.

Truss is the tenth official candidate in the running for the party’s leadership. 

As with current Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace (who yesterday ruled out a run for the leadership), Truss has been a firm supporter of Ukraine and a vocal critic of Russia’s aggression against the country. 

Sky News noted that the 46-year-old Truss has long been seen as a potential successor to the outgoing Prime Minister Johnson. Polls show that she is popular among members of the Conservative Party. 

Johnson, who has actively supported Ukraine since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, visiting the Ukrainian capital Kyiv twice, announced on July 7 that he was resigning as leader of the Conservative Party, and thus as prime minister. 

However, he has said intends to remain as prime minister until a new leader of the political party is elected to replace him.


    • She gets mine too. She was the first major politician to clearly state that RuZZia must be removed from all Ukraine. She took stick from the left for that.
      Another spunky woman : Penny Mordaunt, has thrown her hat in the ring. She’s ex-military and has similar views to Liz. Here she is dealing with a socialist skank:

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  1. I hope that Liz gets the post. The UK had an iron lady once before, and the country could use another one .. Ukraine too!
    I wish we had a Ronald Reagan 2.0 as a potential POTUS candidate.

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