The Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a video from Ivanivka in the Kherson region liberated from Russians

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated the village of Ivanivka in Kherson Oblast from the Russian occupying forces and have published the video from the village.

Source: 60th Separate Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Details: Ukrainian forces have reestablished control over another village that had been occupied by Russia. Only destroyed military equipment now bears witness to Russia’s earlier seizure of Ivanivka.

The 60th Separate Infantry Brigade reports that Ukrainian troops are establishing communication with the local residents and offering aid and assistance to those who require it.

Earlier: Yurii Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Oblast Council, said that the residents of the Russian-occupied Kherson Oblast should evacuate. Those who cannot leave the oblast should look for shelter, water and food in preparation for hostilities that might be taking place across the oblast in the near future.


  1. If this is true, it’s huge. Ivanivka is on the banks of the Dnipro to the East of Kherson. Which means the orcs are surrounded in Kherson. The map below shows the location of Ivanivka, a lot of red must have disappeared to the North of the Dnipro.

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  2. This is monumental news, if true! The orcs have thus lost a lot of ground, and they are in danger of having the occupied region in the south cut into two parts.

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