Putin ‘wants to negotiate’ and ‘looking for interlocutors’ — Klimkin 

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wants to negotiate a way to end the war he started in Ukraine and is putting out feelers to find interlocutors in the West, former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said on Radio NV on July 11.

Klimkin said Western sanctions were the impetus behind the Kremlin’s new-found will to negotiate. 

“In a rapidly developing world, they (Russia — ed.) are (cut off) from technology, from real exports and from many other things, so Putin is very willing and eager for negotiations,” Klimkin said. 

“Through various semi-secret and secret channels, Putin’s representatives are trying to reach out to the United States and Europe and say: ‘Let’s come to an agreement somehow. It will be beneficial both for us and for you.’ (At the same time,) they threaten (the West) with energy, food crisis and many other things.” 

According to the former foreign minister, Putin will focus even more on the need for negotiations in the fall, since then will be the best moment for him as there will be a surge in energy and food prices. 

Earlier, Putin said that Russia had apparently “not properly started anything yet” in Ukraine. 

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s chief-of-staff, promptly mocked Putin on Twitter, reminding the Russian president of his army’s losses, in particular of personnel, which according to Ukraine have exceeded 30,000

Another representative of the President’s Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, also said that Putin’s army was coming to the end of its strength in Ukraine. 

“You haven’t started, but you’re already coming to an end. All these efforts will not last long.” 

Podolyak also sees in such statements by Putin a hidden call to start negotiations. 

However, in an earlier interview with Radio NV, he noted that “an agreement with the Russian Federation today is a war postponed until tomorrow” and that there is nothing to talk about with the Kremlin yet.



  1. “an agreement with the Russian Federation today is a war postponed until tomorrow”

    100% correct. Muscovy has to be totally destroyed in Ukraine, now! No ceasefires, no agreements until the orcs are safely caged up in their shithole, or are reduced to fertilizer in Ukraine.

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    • Excellent statement Sir Foccusser. I think negotiations could be very useful and any platform to insult Hitler 2.0 should be welcomed. Perhaps Zelensky should ask for putin, lavrov, Shoigu, Yanukovych, Zakharova, Peskov, and others to be turned over for warcrimes. That would be a start.

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  2. I doubt if this claim is correct. There is nothing left to negotiate now.
    The Ukrainian people have suffered savagery on a gigantic scale. All that is left to “negotiate” is the reparations bill, total withdrawal, the kremlin murder gang in The Hague and Russia sequestered from civilization for 100 years.

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    • After seeing the destruction these HIMARS are causing to the Russian military, and more on the way, Putler might see the writing on the wall. I think he will be seeking out useful idiots in the West. Not sure he’ll find too many though.

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  3. There is a reason why the US has a concrete rule, not to negotiate with terrorists. Mafia land is such a terrorist. It’s even more than that; it is a war criminal and a crime syndicate. Mafia land has only one option; to be militarily defeated. Nothing less is acceptable.

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    • Good point. I really don’t see any point to it right now, not just because Putin wants to solidify his advances but he fucking started this war. He could stop the fighting but I don’t think Ukrainians are finished with it until ALL the filth is either returned to Mordor or fertilizing sunflowers. Then if they don’t capitulate I hope we continue shelling their infrastructure and Ukraine will make an uninhabitable gray zone on Moskali territory.

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