From the LinkedIn page of Evgen Kulikov

Head of Multinational Clients Coverage at UkrSibbank BNP Paribas

July 11

Today is the 138th day of WAR in Ukraine.
Putin’s russia has not changed its plans of occupying most of Ukraine’s territory.
Each new day brings the sad news about Ukrainian defenders dying at the frontline.
You know them directly or via friends, colleagues, neighbors, via your circle.
That is your daily reality.
The most intensive military actions are held in the east of Ukraine, where russian invaders push forward trying to break through another line of Ukrainian defense fortifications.
Massive artillery and air strikes, thousands of launches every day – all that turns towns and villages on the way of russian invasion into burnt ruins and their defenders into people grey of ash, smoke and dust.
During last two weeks Ukraine has done a lot to change it.
HIMARS, even though Ukraine has got only few of them and with limited number of ammo, are already a game-changer.
More than dozen of large russian ammo depots were destroyed with the help of HIMARS deep on occupied territories far beyond the frontline, mostly in Donetsk oblast, in locations that russians believed were out of reach.
For russian artillery, which relies on quantity of launches but not on precision, this becomes a serious issue. Keeping ammo within 80km distance from the frontline will result for them in another ammo depots explosions. Keeping ammo far than that or in a number of smaller depots will complicate their logistics greatly.
Previous weeks proved russian invaders can make major advances only when they can arrange massive shelling of Ukrainian positions.
More HIMARS / M270 MLRS and sufficient ammo for them will mean that Ukraine will effectively destroy not only large but also smaller russian ammo depots alongside all the frontline which is more than 1000 km long.
Any command center, concentration of machinery, fuel depot, air defence system or railroad junction located up to 80 km from the frontline will be effectively destroyed turning russian logistics on occupied territory of Ukraine into nightmare.
Thanks to intelligence data provided by allies, thanks to partisan units on occupied territories, social media and drones capable to work on such distances beyond the frontline there will be no lack of targets for HIMARS on occupied Ukrainian territories.

Invaders will have to rearrange their logistics and to keep important objects far from the frontline, which will significantly reduce their offensive power and controlability of troops.
Supplies of ER GMLRS rockets with range up to 150km will mean even more issues for russia on occupied Ukrainian territories.

Courage wins battles, logistics and resources win wars.

We are the nation! We are Ukrainians!

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