France switches boilers to fuel oil in case Russian gas supplies stop

Industrial companies are bracing for possible shortages to avoid plant closures.

In Europe, there may be a shortage of gas / photo
In Europe, there may be a shortage of gas / photo

In France, energy-intensive companies are accelerating their emergency plans and switching their gas-fired boilers to fuel oil. This is necessary to avoid a power outage in the event of a reduction in Russian gas supplies .

It is reported  by Euractiv .

At the same time, France relies on nuclear power for about 70% of its electricity, meaning it is much less dependent on Russian gas than neighboring Germany.

State-controlled electricity producer EDF is trying to meet the needs of France due to outages at outdated power plants. It is noted that the production of energy at 29 of the 56 nuclear reactors was stopped due to inspections and repairs.

Industrial companies are also preparing for possible disruptions.

“We have converted our boilers to run on gas or oil, and we can even switch to coal if we need to,” said Florent Menego, CEO of one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers Michelin.

According to him, even if there is a shortage of gas in Europe, oil will remain an affordable alternative.

Recall that earlier French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire warned of the extremely high probability that Moscow would completely stop gas supplies to Europe .

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