The Russians bombed the “DPR” battalion in the Donetsk region (audio)

The “mobilized” from the “DPR” were not paid, and there was no provision of food.

The Russians bombed the "DPR" battalion in the Donetsk region / photo REUTERS
The Russians bombed the “DPR” battalion in the Donetsk region / photo REUTERS

The Russian military bombed a unit that included representatives of the so-called “People’s Militia” of the “DNR”.

This is evidenced by the intercepted conversation of the invaders, published by the SBU. play video

“The boys were standing somewhere near Berdyansk. They didn’t receive any salary, not * uy. As I understand it, they didn’t really feed them. And then they were thrown somewhere on the front. They stood there in silence, were silent, stood, began to move back … They hit the Russians. The Russians blew them up… Here’s an army for you, count up,” one of the DPR militants, who was also mobilized by the Russian Federation for the war against Ukraine, says on the recording. 

The “Second Army of the World” distinguished itself again: the invaders “hunt” for the socks of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The unit he talks about is the 2nd battalion of the first army corps of the “People’s Militia” of the “DNR”, which is fighting as part of the Russian army. 

The Russian invaders tried to keep this incident a secret. However, those mobilized from the “L/DPR” even without this guess that they are being used as cannon fodder.

As UNIAN previously reported, in the fifth month of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense published a fresh radio intercept. In the intercepted conversation, the occupier tells his friend that Russian  soldiers are giving foreign intelligence agencies information  about the location of Russian army units in Ukraine for money.

Another conversation intercepted by intelligence officers indicates that the inhabitants of ORDLO are looking for ways to “pay off” from the war in Ukraine. In particular, the wife of a “DPR” militant said that one can give a bribe and sit quietly in Taganrog of the Russian Federation.

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  1. But it can’t be true, the LDNR whatever the fuck are fighting for the freedom of Donbas, to free it from the genocidal Ukrainians, sorry, I did of course mean nazi Ukrainians, so why are the liberated not feeding them and looking after them, welcoming them like putler announced they would?

    Could it all be lies about Donbas wanting to separate???????????

    I think it is and was.

    As if it were needed this is further proof, not that it will make any difference to the putler fan-boys and the paid shills.

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