From the LinkedIn page of Lyudmila Raspova

Dear LinkedIn Community,
I believe in goodness, people and the power of LinkedIn.
I never wrote posts here, I don’t like to ask, I always counted only on myself and my strength. It’s time to do it.
The whole world already knows about the war in Ukraine and helps and sympathizes in whatever way they can.
I want to ask you to hire Ukrainians, trust them with projects, simplify recruitment processes, turn a blind eye to the lack of language, give them a chance to be useful to your team.
More than 6 million people left Ukraine, they settled all over Europe, someone flew overseas. And it’s mostly women and children. Many of them are corporate business professionals: financiers and accountants, lawyers, logisticians and buyers, sales, marketers, analysts, HR, architects and designers, production specialists, managers. Others worked in the field of beauty, hotel and restaurant business, many were housewives. The first shock of realizing reality and moving to a new country has passed, now these women are faced with the problem of finding a job. They have no money, social benefits are not enough to rent housing and support themselves and their children. It is impossible to rent an apartment without confirmation of financial ability, tenants ask to see work contracts and conclude a lease for at least a year.
There are also difficulties with social housing, many are asked to vacate housing. The result is a vicious circle. No money, no housing. And so they are forced to return to their homes in Ukraine, if they are still intact, get used to living with the howling of air sirens and being with their children in a state of constant fear of not waking up alive in the morning. And all this because they could’t find a job.
Let’s break this circle, help them find a job, arrange their children for a summer camp, school, kindergarten, so that they can work at this time.
Ukrainians are strong-willed, hard-working, courageous, resourceful, punchy and goal-oriented people. They learn quickly and will be able to bring a lot of positive to your business and give the desired result.
P.s. who needs a good recruiter in Warsaw? with knowledge of English, Polish in the process.
I am considering as well non IT, as IT markets, I am ready to move to any city in Poland.





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  1. Millions and millions of ordinary people who have done no harm to anyone, yet their lives are ruined. And they of course are the lucky ones compared to the thousands of innocent people murdered, tortured, raped, thieved from and terrorised by the demonic nazi regime of fuehrer putler.
    Most democratic governments of the world are indifferent to this horror and those that are not are not doing anywhere near enough.

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    • Its heart-ripping to think what Vladolf’s vanity and Napoleonitis has done to the children of Ukraine. As I’ve said before, when this is over I doubt even Russians will like to be called Russians and they might change the name of their country again.

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