From the LinkedIn page of I. Korkut Ozgen

July 10

According to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, as of 08.07.2022, 417 cases of war crimes against Ukrainian cultural heritage has been recorded

Crimes were recorded in 13 Regions

kharkiv Region; 99 Crimes

donetsk Region; 95 Crimes

kyiv Region; 79 Crimes

chernihiv Region; 38 Crimes

luhansk Region; 34 Crimes

sumy Region; 28 Crimes

zaporizhia Region; 16 Crimes

zhytomyr Region; 6 Crimes

Kyiv City; 5 Crimes

kherson Region; 5 Crimes

mykolaiv Region; 5 Crimes

dnipro Region; 4 Crimes

odesa Region; 2 Crimes

lviv Region; 1 Crimes

Слава Україні!!!!

standwithukraine #standupforukraine #armukrainenow #ukraine #russianwarcrimes #stopputin #stoprussianaggression

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