Arestovich revealed the number of Russian officers killed in the last strike near Chernobaevka

The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to wound and eliminate 12 commanders of the enemy army.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to wound and eliminate 12 commanders of the enemy army / photo

As a result of shelling in the Chernobaevka area yesterday, July 9, 12 senior officers of the enemy army were killed and wounded. They were added to those 10 who were previously “covered” by fire in Novaya Kakhovka.

Oleksiy Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, shared this information on his personal Facebook video

“Yesterday’s 26th Chernobaevka is another plus 12 senior Russian officers (generals/colonels) added to those ten who were killed and wounded a little to the north, in Novaya Kakhovka, [destroyed] a command post, an ammunition depot, several dozen units of equipment,” Arestovich wrote.

Recall that on July 10, in the morning report from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , two strikes against enemy forces in Chernobaevka were mentioned . The command reported that hits on command posts, accumulation of equipment and field ammunition depots were recorded. The losses of the rashists at that time were specified. Arestovich’s data has not yet been confirmed by the General Staff.

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    • One of the things the Soviets complained about In “Red Storm Rising” was the west was killing command tanks and they were very good at spotting them. That was a novel, but going after the leaders in the Russian Army will reduce them to a nonfunctioning rabble. Find the officers that are LtCol and above, and terminate them with extreme prejudice.

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      • I think Ukraine’s tactics have been phenomenal and likely to change the future of warfare. Ask the average guy in Taiwan what they think of Ukraine!
        I think it starts with breaking down communications and supply lines. Poor communication forced the officers to move toward the front to make their orders in the Moskali way..

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