Unbelievable and highly offensive bullshit from the UN and others.

U.N. Says Ukraine Bears Share of Blame for Nursing Home Attack


  1. So, how many rubles flowed into whose bank account to bend this story in such a way to give Ukraine at least part of the fault?

    “Dolgachev said the Ukrainian troops set up a “machine gun nest” and an anti-tank weapon in the home. In the video, he stops amid the rubble on one of the interior floors to rest his hand on the anti-tank weapon, which he incorrectly called a Tor. The Tor is a Russian-made surface-to-air missile.”

    The orcs don’t know their own weapons? Where are the empty cartridge casings? There should hundreds or thousands by the “machine gun nest”.
    Fact is, that the orcs have proven to be liars ALL THE TIME! And, the UN has proven to be useless ALL THE TIME! That doesn’t leave much room to get any truths from a situation. The orcs should just shut up and the UN should dissolve itself.

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  2. […] Ooopsie … “UN: Russia and Ukraine are to blame for nursing home attack … a new U.N. report has found that Ukraine’s armed forces bear a large, and perhaps equal, share of the blame for what happened in Stara Krasnyanka, which is about 580 kilometers (360 miles) southeast of Kyiv. A few days before the attack, Ukrainian soldiers took up positions inside the nursing home, effectively making the building a target …” (Associated Press) – “… OHCHR is concerned that in the course of hostilities, both Russian armed forces and affiliated armed groups as well as Ukrainian armed forces took up positions either in residential areas or near civilian objects, from where they launched military operations without taking measures for the protection of civilians present …” (UN report, PDF) – “UN says both sides share blame for nursing home attack; Russian shelling reported in east – as it happened – Ruling on an attack on a nursing home early in the conflict, UN says no war crimes committed but both sides partially responsible …” (The Guardian, UK media) – “Unbelievable and highly offensive bullshit from the UN and others … In a war awash in a… […]


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