Ukrainian witch-spell song against enemies gains popularity 

The song “Vrazhe” (Enemy) by Ukrainian singer Angy Kreyda is the latest musical weapon Ukraine has unleashed in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country.

Poetess Liudmyla Horova’s poem “Vrazhe”, written in the form of a witch spell against enemies, was published on the Internet on April 22.

The words went viral very quickly. It has been read aloud, set to music and translated into other languages, including Polish, English, German, Belarusian, and Georgian.

Now Angy Kreyda, a singer from the city of Rivne, has also recorded her version. And a little more than a month after its premiere, the music video has reached one million views on YouTube and has gone viral.

“This is a real ancient spell from enemies, and one tarot reader said that it must be listened to by everyone and spoken several times a day to bring our victory closer,” according to the words in the music video.

Other lyrics are:

“For Kremenchuk, for Bucha, for Irpin, for Mykolayiv, for Kharkiv, for Mariupol… For Ukraine.

“This is not a song, but a spell and a curse for the ‘orcs’ (sic, referring to Russian soldiers), let all this come true a thousand times, these are the words of every woman of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine), death to the enemy.

“This is women’s revenge against all marauders, rapists, murderers of people, children, parents, women and animals.”


  1. I’ll stick to the psalms praying for the death of our enemies, as well as other spiritual warfare tactics in the Name of God Almighty. :))

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