The liberation of Zmeiny Island opened the passage of ships for the export of agricultural products

Thanks to the liberation of Snake Island from the invaders, it became possible to use the mouth of the Danube for the purpose of exporting agricultural products, in particular grain.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration.

“Given the liberation of the Zmeiny Island from the Russian troops and the accumulation of a large number of ships waiting for the passage of the Sulina Canal, it is possible to use the canal of the mouth of the Bystroe ship passage Danube-Black Sea for the entry / exit of ships carrying agricultural products,” the USPA said in a statement.

Until recently, ships from the Danube had to use the narrow Sulina Canal in Romania to enter the Black Sea. Now, after the liberation of Zmeiny, the Bystry branch has been opened for the transportation of agricultural products, which passes through Izmail, Kiliya and Vilkovo.

Unlike Sulina, where the movement of ships is one-way and only during daylight hours, ships can navigate the Ukrainian channel around the clock and simultaneously in both directions.

The USPA noted that the first two tugboats of the Cranship company with barges have already entered the Bystry branch from the sea to Kiliya.

The opening of navigation on the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta will allow avoiding the accumulation of ships on the Sulina and speed up the export of Ukrainian grain.



  1. Not doing anything at all against mafia land’s grain blockage will forever be a black spot upon Joe Biden. I can imagine that our navy is itching to do so, and it could do this with complete impunity from the mafia rust bucket navy.
    Of course, this is (once again) no moment of glory for NATO either.

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