Russian Pilots Start Intensive Training At Five Airfields In Belarus 

In Belarus, landing exercises are being held at five military airfields with the involvement of Russian pilots.

This was reported by with reference to Belarusian Telegram channels.

“In Belarus, there is an increase in air training at five airfields at once, pilots from the Russian Federation have arrived, and landing drills have begun. […] A noticeable increase in the number of exercises at the military airfields in Baranavichy, Machulishchy, Lida, Luninets and Babruisk is being recorded,” the message says.

In particular, in Baranavichy, “fighter jet pilots are practicing takeoffs with combat equipment, a sharp start and a high-speed climb,” and also “training landings of a Mi-8 helicopter of the Belarusian Air Force are periodically taking place at the airfield.”

“Usually, such exercises are held a couple of times a year, but in three weeks their annual norm has already been exceeded. In addition, about 20 pilots from the Russian Federation arrived in Baranavichy. They arrived in the city in the morning of July 7 on a regular Moscow-Brest train. Moreover, “This is not the first report that the Russian military has again begun to arrive in Belarus on ordinary passenger trains. There is a certain correlation between the arrival of the Russian military and an increase in the number of air exercises,” the report says.


  1. I think that it is becoming ever more essential for Ukraine to start targeting orc bases and transportation infrastructure in Belarus, by air attack, missile attack, artillery strikes or special ops, whatever works best, if the Belarusians themselves are powerless to do so. It cannot be that mafia land operates from Belarusian territory with complete impunity. I am confident that the average Belarusian will have complete understanding for such measures.

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  2. As long as belaruzzia and loonystinko enable the orcs: airfields, camps and training sites used against Ukraine should be fair game.

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