Explosions heard in occupied Kherson: a fire in Chornobaivka; Russian ammunition detonating

Residents of occupied Kherson are reporting explosions, a fire and ammunition that is detonating in Chornobaivka. Ukrainian defenders have struck Russian ammunition depots.

Source: Suspilne; first deputy head of the Kherson Oblast Council, Yuriy Sobolevskyi; and advisor to the head of the Odesa Oblast Military Administration, Serhiy Bratchuk

Details: Residents initially reported explosions and a fire in Chornobaivka, which was accompanied by a long-lasting detonation.

Residents of Chornobaivka and the outskirts of Kherson report that a column of black smoke is rising near the airport, and a large-scale fire continues to burn.

Sobolevskyi wrote that “the morning is not good for the Orcs in Kherson, and this is just the beginning.”

Quote from Bratchuk: “A new episode of the legendary series was released this morning. A powerful explosion rang out in the area of ​​the airport, where the Ruscists usually huddle around their equipment”.

Propaganda channels confirmed the strike on ammunition depots.



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