Ukraine needs the capability to attack Russian airfields – former commander US army Europe

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, Commander, U.S. Army in Europe, delivers remarks at the OSCE High-Level Military Doctrine Seminar in Vienna, Austria, Feb. 16, 2016. (USOSCE/Colin Peters)

Ukraine needs the capability to attack Russian airfields – former commander US Army Europe


  1. “They are terrified of Ukrainian Air Defence so they launch missiles from inside Belarus and inside Russia. I think Ukraine needs the capability to hit the airfields from which those aircraft are flying. The Russians should not be able to just sit safely on the other side of the border launching missiles into apartment buildings and shopping malls.”

    Blindingly obvious, yet after almost 5 months of putler’s Holocaust, no one seems any closer to helping Ukraine in this crucial regard.

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    • To be honest I don’t know if Ukraine would attack Belarusian air fields even if they had the opportunity.

      In fact Ukraine may already have some weapons that can do this. They also flew sorties in Russian airspace.

      I think Ukraine wants to avoid Belarusians entering this war, as it would mean Ukraine has to put forces near Kyiv it needs somewhere else.

      And I am not sure if disabling Belarusian airports would solve the problem because I think Russian jets could also fly to the South of Belarus from a Russian airbase, except the sorties will be longer.

      I do wish Ukraine had long range missiles as I want Ukraine to be able to do it if the Ukrainian military desires so. But I think the current strategy is not to harm Belarus as the Belarusian public is mostly pro-Ukrainian and is also conducting sabotage operations.

      I think the Ukrainians are professional enough to know when to use long range missiles and when not, so I want them to at least have the choice, don’t get me wrong.

      I hate it when Biden or other Western leaders are paternalistic and look down on Ukrainians. They are much wiser and experienced than people in the West.

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      • I tend to differ. Ukraine should either invade Belarus or destroy the airbases from which mafia land launches its attacks. I seriously doubt that the Belarusian people would mind. They would understand the urgent need for Ukraine to do those things. This would also force mafia land to attack from its own turf, making the flight routes longer and easier to intercept.

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        • I made a serious mistake, I read Belarusian instead of Russian.

          About Belarus: I am not a military expert and my post was not any recommendation. It is just that I think the Ukrainian military has decide not to attack Belarus for this reason and not a lack of missiles.

          They have missiles with a range up to 100 km such as Tochka, but I don’t think any of them landed in Belarus.

          I am not saying Ukraine should or should not do it, I think the Ukrainian General Staff is much wiser than a Bert.

          I think you have a point, but I don’t know how likely the Belarusians would attack Ukraine, what their military is capable of.

          Of course it would be better if the airfields in Belarus would be destroyed and even better it this include the scarse Russian pilots and aircraft, but on whether it is worth any potential cost for Ukraine is something I don’t know.

          I think there are many things the Ukrainians can do but refrain from, as they have to make strategic choices to win against a numerically superior enemy.

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