The occupiers are hunting for socks given to the Ukrainian military: a confession of a Russian Nazi

Even the socks of our defenders become the envy of the invaders.

A contractor from Russia, who was talking to his wife, admitted this in one of the latest SBU intercepts.

“I have a … rich supply of Ukrainian socks, and I understand … how fucked … they are. Our statutory socks … I don’t know how … to wash the floors with them. You understand: you and I bought trekking socks for 400 rubles, 600 rubles each … they give out such ones,” the occupant says.

He boasts of American camouflage, which he also stole from the Ukrainians.

Although he assures that the matter is not in the manufacturer. No less high quality is what is produced for the military in Ukraine: “Yes, do not even take what they are supplied, take what their industry sews. Take their backpacks, take their helmets. Well, this is a real level. I just don’t know why that is.”



    • In Operator Starsky’s last video,”Interview with Sgt. Jane” she said she saw 3 ruzzians without kit wandering around looking confused.

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