Russians rob empty apartments in Severodonetsk: take out equipment and furniture

Having entered the city, the invaders first deported part of the local population, took the keys to the houses and began to rob.

Russia occupied the city / photo Igor606
Russia occupied the city / photo Igor606

The occupiers take out not only household appliances, but also furniture from the empty apartments of Severodonetsk residents.

Serhiy Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, announced this in his Telegram.

“Every day, the National Police receives about fifty applications regarding destroyed housing in the Luhansk region. IDPs learn that there is nowhere to return from neighbors who were deported by the Russians, or from those who previously left for the occupied territory, and now went to their native cities and villages “, he noted. 

Gaidai added that about 80% of residential buildings were destroyed or damaged in Severodonetsk. 

According to him, some people try to return for things, but there are more and more cases that, having paid a large amount to an illegal carrier, they find a surviving, but empty apartment. 

“Having entered the city, the Russians first deported part of the local population, took the keys, and then began to rob everything in a row. They drive up to high-rise buildings in trucks. If the furniture is good, then they take it out. We are no longer talking only about household appliances,” Gaidai said. .

According to Gaidai, the occupiers appointed a “commandant” on duty in the city, already the third one, but the property of Severodonets continues to disappear.

Recall that the Russian invaders are trying to replace the local authorities in Severodonetsk. They are trying to take a  census of the population that is left, including children.

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  1. I saw a Ukrainian gentleman run across a fish hook hidden in the leaves of a tree, fish lined to a grenade (source: The Enforcer). If the furniture, washing machines, and toilets started blowing up in their faces they might not be so quick to plunder. Then again from numerous examples they tend to do the same thing the same way no matter how many of them it kills.

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