Persons non grata: in Russia they created a “black list” of their own artists

The list of objectionables included Meladze, Makarevich, Grebenshchikov and others.

In Russia, they made a “black list” of artists whose concerts are undesirable / photo collage

The Russian authorities have compiled a “black list” of Russian musicians whose concerts are deemed undesirable. And all because they condemned the war in Ukraine.

This is reported by the publication ” Fontanka “.play video

Among the objectionable were Andrey Makarevich (“Time Machine”), Boris Grebenshchikov (“Aquarium”), Valery Meladze, Maxim Pokrovsky (I got my leg!”), the Bi-2 group, popular rappers Face and Morgenstern and many others.

“Black list” of Russian artists:

  • Noize MC (at a concert in Tashkent, he remembered the bombed Ukrainian cities)
  • Oksimiron (performs at anti-war charity concerts in support of Ukraine)
  • “DDT” (the soloist Yuri Shevchuk was completely penalized for an anti-war speech at a concert)
  • “Time Machine” (soloist Andrei Makarevich condemns the war in Ukraine and the criminal regime of the Kremlin from the first days)
  • “Aquarium” (soloist Boris Grebenshchikov calls the actions of the Russian authorities a shame and says that he despises Russian propaganda)
  • “Casta” (Leshkevich Vladislav, Epifantsev Mikhail, Pasechny Andrey)
  • “Bi-2” (the group shot a video about the war in Ukraine and refused to perform in Russia at a concert with Z-symbols)
  • “Accident” (Kortnev Alexey)
  • Zemfira (the singer supported Ukraine in several of her videos, one of which was dedicated to Mariupol)
  • Valery Meladze (he was the first Russian artist to condemn the war in Ukraine)
  • Dmitry Spirin (ex-soloist of the group “Cockroaches”)
  • “Anacondaz” (Khorev Artem, Karamushkin Sergey)
  • “Louna” (Gevorgyan Lusine)
  • “Porn films” (Kotlyarov Vladimir)
  • “Nogu Svelo!” (the group in the new song remembered the hero cities of Ukraine)
  • “Krovostok” (Chernyak Anton)
  • “Elysium” (Kuznetsov Dmitry)
  • “2Mashi” (Zaitseva Maria)
  • Manizha
  • coin
  • Buckwheat
  • Face (the rapper even said that he was ashamed to be Russian)
  • Morgenstern
  • “IC3PEAK” (Nikolay Kostylev, Anastasia Kreslina)
  • “Little Big” (Prusikin Ilya, Tayurskaya Sophia)
  • Vasya Oblomov
  • Legalize
  • Dora
  • “Aloe Vera” (Musaelyan Vera)
  • Musya Totibadze

Recall that some Russian artists will be allowed to perform in Ukraine.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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