Some 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers already in Britain for training – ambassador

Some 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers are already in the United Kingdom for training.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Vadym Prystaiko, said this live on a nationwide television marathon, Ukrinform reports.

“As a result, there will be 10,000 [Ukrainian soldiers]. Now we have more than 1,500 of them [Ukrainian service members] in Britain. They arrive every week, planes arrive, about 100-200 people arrive every week,” he said.

Prystaiko added that the Ukrainian military will not only be trained by British instructors. They will be dressed, they will receive their knowledge, their connections, their weapons and will return to Ukraine in the near future, he added.

“In a couple of months, we will be able to get the entire 10,000-strong group of trained, dressed and trained people in Ukraine,” the ambassador said.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced in a report to the House of Commons on July 6 about the start of training courses for the Ukrainian military in the United Kingdom.


  1. This is a great effort by the UK. Thank you so much!
    I wonder how many Ukrainian troops in total are being trained in foreign lands and in country. It must be quite a lot. I can imagine what an impact they will have once they get back to the fronts, along with their new toys!
    It’s quite a difference to the ill-trained meat puppets and ancient SU-era weapons that mafia land is throwing into the fight.

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