Occupiers are afraid of HIMARS strikes and are fleeing from bases and warehouses in the Zaporizhia region 

HIMARS on a Ukrainian road

According to Ukrainian intelligence, after the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the military facilities of the occupiers with high-precision weapons in the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhia region, panic began in the occupier’s army.

As Censor.NET informs, this was reported by the Zaporizhia Regional Military Administration.

“Servicemen of the Russian occupying forces en masse are leaving warehouses and bases for storing weapons and military equipment of the Russian Federation, fearing new strikes by the Himars multiple launch rocket system,” the message reads.

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The regional military administration notes that a unit of the FSB of the Russian Federation arrived in the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhia region with the task of conducting search operations regarding the fact of the desertion of about 30 servicemen of the Russian Federation who left the places where the units were deployed. Source: https://censor.net/en/n3352595

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  1. Let’s all have a round of raucous laughter!

    Four, I repeat, FOUR HIMARS are in country, and already they are not only proving to be highly effective, but are spreading terror and fear among the orcs. Just think what fifty or a hundred would do!

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