“My wife lay dead next to me, my son was thrown aside…”: stories of victims of rocket attack in the Odessa region  

The correspondent of “Dumskaya” talked with the victims of a missile attack inflicted last Friday by Russian Nazis on the resort of Sergeevka in the Odessa region.

Andrei worked as an administrator at the Goji recreation center, which was hit by rockets. The man recalls: when the first explosion was heard, he and his wife ran to look for their son. The guy and his friend slept in another room. The couple grabbed the children and rushed to the exit. As they descended the stairs, there was another explosion. Wife and son, who would have turned 12 in August, died instantly …

Andrei lost consciousness, and when he woke up, he realized that he and his wife had been crushed by a concrete slab. The woman was no longer breathing. The son was thrown aside. He called the child, but he did not answer. Andrey understood: the family is no more.

“He was in my arms! During the explosion, it disappeared somewhere, I did not understand where. I heard the voices of the girls who were running, but I didn’t hear the voices of my wife and child … ”- our interlocutor recalls with pain.

The recreation center opened just a couple of weeks ago. Victoria and her friends came to relax and celebrate the end of the school year. But the holiday ended tragically. Now five friends are in the hospital.

“We were driving to a safe place, where there are no military units,” she says. We couldn’t believe it happened at all. Now we are all hard of hearing. I have burns on my feet, cuts, right here, I don’t even know how to say, the muscles tore.”

Alexei, a friend of Victoria, who was also at the recreation center that night, had his leg crushed by debris. Fortunately, doctors were able to save the limb. Collected literally in pieces.

“Our doctors, of course, are specialists from God, because to collect such … I honestly don’t know … When I saw it, when I was still there, I thought, well, amputation, what can you do, but they collected it, and I was shocked,” he says. 

After a missile strike by Russian terrorists, 16 out of 39 victims were hospitalized in the Belgorod-Dniester city hospital. Several patients have already been sent home. Two brothers, eight-year-old Yakov and 13-year-old Vladimir, who are still in serious condition, were transported to Odessa. The boys do not yet know that they could not save their mother and stepfather. They died, shielding the children with themselves.

“The older boy, Vladimir, his condition has improved, he is conscious, today he told us about his kitty, which he lost. His brother… There is a more serious brain injury, a severe contusion of the brain, there is a violation of cerebral blood flow. Yesterday I had a computed tomography: there are changes, we need appropriate treatment. While he is on artificial lung ventilation, ”Vladimir Bosenko, head of the intensive care unit of the regional children’s hospital, told us.

In the same clinic there is also a pregnant woman with a four-year-old son, who also suffered in Sergeevka. Physicians assess their condition as satisfactory.

On the night of July 1, Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers fired three Kh-22 heavy anti-ship missiles at Sergeevka. One hit a residential building, destroying the entire entrance, two more hit the recreation center, which is located next door. 21 people were killed, 39 more were injured of varying severity.

Author — Anastasia Sukhaya


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  1. Mafia land’s murder spree of innocent civilians continues … day in, day out, more and more such stories are added to the criminal record of Vlad and his gang.

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