Belarus is already directly threatening to attack Poland in the event of “Western provocations”

Deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, Major General Ruslan Kosygin, said that in the event of “Western provocations”, Belarusian forces will strike primarily on the infrastructure of Poland.

This is reported by “European Pravda” with a link to BelTA.

“The territory of Poland, as well as the Baltic States, is turning into a testing ground where the United States plans to unleash another bloody conflict in Europe against the Russian Federation and its allies,” Kosygin said.

He pointed to the holding of military exercises, as well as “attempts by individual Polish politicians to initiate the return of the so-called native Polish lands, which mean the western regions of Ukraine and Belarus”.

The deputy chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian armed forces called all this “preparation for conducting military operations eastwards” against the background of “the degradation of Western European countries and the actual loss of their independence in decision-making”.

“At the same time – and this should be understood first of all by the Polish leadership – in the event of a conflict, the territory of Poland with its military infrastructure becomes a priority target of the strike, namely decision-making centres, elements of the control system, points of permanent deployment of the National Armed Forces, arsenals and bases, as well as critical objects of their economy and transport infrastructure,” Kosygin said.

He concluded that “the West should clearly understand that our response to any armed provocations will definitely be adequate and tough”.

Earlier, self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he does not want to fight against Ukraine, and allegedly it is Kyiv that is interested in Belarus’s direct entry into the war.

Lukashenka also accused Ukraine of launching missiles at the territory of Belarus and he ordered his military to “take aim” at the decision-making centres in the capitals of opponents of Minsk.


  1. He concluded that “the West should clearly understand that our response to any armed provocations will definitely be adequate and tough”.

    The response from the West would be devastation for Putler’s puppets in Belarus. There would be no restrictions on NATO weapons against Belarus, you get the whole 9 yards. Think about it!

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    • If only 5% of Belarussians support military action in Ukraine that number must be about 1% to support military action in Poland. They are just barking at mirrors. Poland should answer like Finland did and deploy a bunch of tractors to the border 😉

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  2. Just as the fat kid in NK acts as a junkyard dog for the chicoms, the Hitler-loving turd Lukashenka fulfils the same role for the nazi rodent.

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  3. These threats have no substance.
    Loony Luka and his gang know damned well that they stand an ice cube’s chance in hell in a war with NATO. They nervously look at what’s happening in Ukraine, and they themselves are shuddering with fear, for they know that if the evil little runt should lose, they are also history. This sort of gibberish as in the article is supposed to sooth their nerves and scare the West. It still works with the likes of Macron, Draghi and Scholz. Maybe with Biden too.

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  4. Luka, you’re a fool if you think the Poles will be pushed back by your “tough and adequate” response. It will be neither. The Poles are well equipped and are well trained, as is most of the rest of NATO (exception: Germany) You’ll be the Italy of northern Europe and the little rodent in the Kremlin will have to try to bail you out. In this case4 the new Hitler doesn’t have what it needs to bail you out.


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