The State Duma adopted in the third reading a draft law on the creation of an all-Russian “movement of children and youth.”

“The movement will participate in the education, career guidance, leisure activities of the younger generation, shape the worldview, prepare young people for a full life in society,” the statement on the State Duma website says.

Participation in the movement, according to the text of the law, will be voluntary (the principle of voluntary participation can also be found in  documents on the Soviet pioneer organization).

The previously proposed name “Big Break” was dropped from the bill. The website of the State Duma states that the name “is proposed to be chosen by the participants themselves in the future”; it follows from the text of the law that it will be approved together with the charter of the movement at the constituent assembly.

The highest governing body of the movement is the congress; the executive bodies are the board and its chairman, who is appointed by the president of Russia. The president of the Russian Federation himself will have to take the post of head of the supervisory board.

(C)MEDUZA 2022


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