Russian propaganda’s latest: Int’l spending on Ukraine recovery “futile”

Russian propaganda is exploiting MEP Thierry Mariani to spread the narrative about the futility of allocating funds for the Ukraine rconstruction.

That’s according to the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

Kremlin media, referring to the statement by European Parliament Member Thierry Mariani, claim that the European Commission, before allocating any funds for Ukraine, must ensure that Ukraine is able to repay the loans that are set to be directed to the embattled nation’s post-war reconstruction.

According to Mariani, Ukraine can be assisted financially only if an economic outlook is positive.

“This is not the first absurd statement by T.Mariani,” noted the CCD.

Thus, on June 27, the MEP stated that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could have been avoided had Ukraine fulfilled the Minsk agreements. He also considers Crimea to be a legitimate part of Russia.

As the CCD emphasized, “By using loyal foreign politicians, Russia is trying to create the impression that helping Ukraine financially is a waste of time. However, the Kremlin chooses not to dwell on their own frozen gold and foreign currency reserves, which could be seized as part of reparations in favor of Ukraine.”

As reported by Ukrinform, Russian propaganda is actively spreading false stories claiming that the USA and Poland allegedly have certain territorial claims to Ukraine.


  1. It’s no surprise that this frog is a paid up member of the orc fan club. This is part of this scumbags wiki entry. He’s also a buddy of Sarkozy’s.

    “In July 2015, Mariani, accompanied by Russian officials, made a trip to Crimean Peninsula which was annexed by Russia in 2014. In interviews and meetings he expressed support: “We welcome the courage of the Crimean Parliament because it was able to make this decision despite the difficult situation and a great risk of escalation”. In 2016, he brought non-binding resolutions to the National Assembly and Senate calling on the European Union to lift economic sanctions against Russia. The resolutions, which had symbolic value, were adopted by both chambers in April and June, respectively.”

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  2. There are many useful idiots in Europe and America like Thierry Mariani, who have no morals, no pride, no brains and no dignity, who sell themselves to the crime syndicate in the Kremlin, just like cheap street whores, who give any dirtbag a sloppy blowjob for five bucks.

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