Russia demands compensation from the United States for the “creation” of coronavirus

The head of the State Duma of the occupying country calls the United States “the true culprits of the pandemic.”

Of course, his words look funny / screenshot
Of course, his words look funny / screenshot

Russia continues to pretend that their country is not suffering from devastating sanctions. Instead, they are trying to blame the United States for all the troubles, this time the head of the State Duma of the aggressor country, Vyacheslav Volodin, decided to look for those responsible for the “creation” of the coronavirus. Of course, even the Russian Federation blamed the United States for this.

In his Telegram, Volodin said that Washington supposedly should “answer” for the “creation” of video

The head of the State Duma cited an article by an “American scientist” who accused the United States of spreading the coronavirus. COVID-19 allegedly could come out of American biotech laboratories. Of course, the scientist did not provide any evidence. However, even such an unreasoned statement was enough for the Russians.

Volodin picked up on the idea that the coronavirus was allegedly “invented” in the United States. For this, he believes, Washington should be punished.

“Millions of sick and dead people, the global economic crisis, a drop in the standard of living of people are the consequences of COVID-19, for which Washington needs to be held accountable. The US military biological developments that they are conducting around the world must be stopped and declassified. To all states affected by pandemic, the United States is obliged to compensate for the losses incurred,” Volodin said.

Of course, his words look ridiculous. A statement from a country that should be preparing money for reparations for the damage caused by a full-scale invasion of Ukraine is unlikely to be taken seriously.

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  1. The sanctions must be really starting to bite now. The more these Putlerites release their absurd statements, the more they humiliate themselves.

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  2. Still I am annoyed by the West not blaming China.
    I think the lab theory is extremely plausible, and I can hardly believe the U.S. intelligence sucks this bad that they couldn’t figure out what caused Covid.

    I think even using open sources it was obvious China sabotaged the WHO study.

    Doesn’t the West have any spies in China?

    I have the feeling the Western intelligence services may not tell it as it will cause a major conflict with China, but I could be wrong.

    Or the Chinese are just very competent liars.

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    • The answer is right under your nose Bert, take another look and remove your partisan glasses. Who would be in charge of the investigation? Who’s family has taken in millions and millions of dollars from China? Who also said when describing communist China, “They are not bad folks.”?

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  3. Currently, there is no other nation on this planet that lies as much and as badly as mafia land. This is quite an achievement.

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