Relatives of abducted residents of Kherson region forced to obtain Russian passports

Relatives of abducted residents of Kherson region forced to obtain Russian passports

06.07.2022 13:03

In Kherson region, temporarily held by Russian occupation forces, the relatives of those abducted by the invaders are forced to apply for a Russian passport, while a powerful propaganda machine is brainwashing the local population.

Yuriy Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council, announced this on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“Russian passports are imposed on the people everywhere, wherever possible. Up to the point where the relatives of detained persons are forces to write appropriate applications ‘in exchange’ for their loved ones’ freedom. All this is accompanied by the most powerful propaganda brainwashing of the population through television, radio, Telegram channels, and print press,” said Sobolevskyi.

According to the official, the first victims of such malign influence were pensioners, for many of whom today receiving a passport and subsequent “pension” from the occupiers is almost the only means of existence. Despite this, the majority of the local population refuses to accept the “Russian world” imposed by force, maintaining patriotic moods, although their living conditions are terrible, and personal risks are beyond imaginable, according to Sobolevskyi.

He also noted that the occupiers are increasingly isolating the region from any assistance on the part of the Ukrainian government and society. This concerns the operations of the Ukrainian pension system, internet banking, communication services, and access to information.

As Ukrinform reported, the enemy is blocking “green corridors” and evacuation from Kherson region. The invaders are abducting civilians, having also intensified filtration at checkpoints. On May 30, customers of Ukrainian internet and mobile network operators in Kherson region were deprived access to their services by the Russian occupation authorities.

Also, Russian invaders blocked Viber and YouTube across the region.



  1. The ruskies are just so ludicrous. What’s the point to force something on people when the people hate your guts and hate those passports just as much? At any rate, all this becomes superfluous once the region is under Ukrainian control again.

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