From FB page; The HeartBeat of Ukraine

July 6, 2022

The HeartBeat of Ukraine is an English Language news page of Ukrainian journalist Serzh Velychanskyi.


Now it’s safe to say- we are homebound now. Early at 3:30 am we moved out and hit the road.

After a long three months deployment in Kharkiv region we are now Kyivbound, the city where we belong.

Due to rising new challenges coming from potential invasion from Belarus side, we must take positions in and around our Capital – Kyiv. So…. Seems like I will be home for my birthday)))) July 7th is the Day)))

One comment

  1. Sadly we can deduce from that, that the authorities are nervous of another attack on Kyiv.
    Time for the allies to massively ramp up the weapons support programme.
    Likely intel from the allies has been passed to Kyiv about something brewing up for another border breach from the Belarus direction. This time they can’t allow the orcs to get anywhere near the capital.
    Time for a NFZ over Kyiv oblast.

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