This summer, beaches in Odessa and the region will not open, – the head of the OVA  

Due to martial law and the threat of Russian missile strikes this summer, the beaches of Odessa and the region will not open to vacationers.

This decision was made jointly by the leadership of the military administration and Odessa, said the head of the OVA Maxim Marchenko.

“It is worth remembering that the war is still going on, and the occupiers are launching rocket attacks on the area, killing civilians and large crowds of people in any place are potentially very dangerous. That is why security measures in shopping centers work, there is a curfew and other restrictions. This also applies to visiting beaches and swimming. Due to the violation of security measures and ignoring the requirements of the administration, people on the beaches are dying from enemy mines. which are washed ashore. Our main task is to preserve the life and health of the inhabitants of the region,” Maxim Marchenko noted and called on residents and guests of the region to treat this restriction with understanding.

Recall that yesterday the photojournalist of “Dumskoy” walked along the beaches of the Big Fountain to find out if Odessans and guests of the city adhere to restrictions on swimming in the sea .


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