The Russian Federation began a “renovation” in Mariupol: they take out tiles and playgrounds to Donetsk (video)

The invaders can only rob and steal what was before them.

Loud statements about the "renovation of the square near the Drama Theater" expectedly turned into a banal theft / screenshots from the video
Loud statements about the “renovation of the square near the Drama Theater” expectedly turned into a banal theft / screenshots from the video

In Mariupol , the Russian Federation began the so-called “renovation”. In words, the aggressor country and its henchmen from ORDLO promised “improvements”, but instead resorted to looting.

Petr Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, reports this on Telegram .play video

“Looting on everything. Loud statements about the” renovation of the square near the Drama Theater “expectedly turned into a banal theft. Considering that the square itself miraculously remained intact, the occupiers and Donetsk gauleiters are finishing it off more effectively than a bomb,” he stressed.

Thus, the invaders have already dismantled the playground and have already begun to install it in the center of Donetsk. Now the “renovation” has reached the granite tiles. Rashists rip it off with excavators and also take it out towards Donetsk.

“In the near future we will see a renovated street in Donetsk at the expense of Mariupol taxpayers. Medical equipment, a skating rink, a fountain, playgrounds and now tiles … No words,” Andryushchenko added

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  1. This is a form of thieving that is an abomination, like everything else the putinazis do. Because not only has genocide been inflicted and citizens raped, tortured and kidnapped, the orcs have smashed everything they don’t want. To dance on the graves of their victims, their evil lizard minds have found yet another way to inflict pain.
    There has to come a point when the five nations that did the most to bring to an end to WW2: the US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ, must now declare: “enough is enough, we alone can deliver a much heavier sanctions blow to these nazis than we have been doing so far; the time to hold back has finished. Accordingly, no RuZZians can enter the Five Eyes; ever. All RuZZians on our land must leave and lose their entire property, cash and business assets, which will go to Ukraine without delay.
    Only Russians with a lengthy track record of opposition to the kremlin murder gang are exempt. Even the exempt ones will be asked to make a cash contribution.”
    On the military front, weapons and cash support will increase by a factor of 400%.

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    • We are constantly surprised by the degree of evil and depravity displayed by the horde of Mordor. Stealing paving tiles? Once again it appears the tiny Sauron does not plan to actually hold these Ukrainians lands they bled so much for.

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