Russia reportedly preparing for mobilization in occupied Crimea.

The Office of Representative of President of Ukraine in Crimea reported that Ukrainian citizens living in the occupied peninsula could soon be forced to fight against Ukraine. The agency called on Ukrainian citizens in Crimea to do everything possible to avoid being forced into fighting for the Russian army, including surrendering to Ukrainian forces at the first opportunity, the message says. Below, the original text from the Facebook page of:

Представництво Президента України в Автономній Республіці Крим 

(Representation of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea)

The other day, the decree of the so-called “head of the Republic of Crimea” appeared on the resources of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied Crimea, which created the so-called “conscription commission for mobilization of citizens in the Republic of Crimean” in the new composition, approved the position nya about her and instructed to create in “municipal districts and urban districts” relevant lower-level commissions.

The specified steps of the occupation administration indicate that the Russian Federation is preparing for mobilization in the temporarily occupied territory. Citizens of Ukraine in the occupied Crimea are again planning to be forced to fight against their own state, as it is already happening to those illegally summoned by the occupiers.

☝️ We remind you that the conscription and mobilization of our citizens to the armed forces of the occupying state is a gross violation of the standards of international humanitarian law, in particular the provisions of the IV Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians during war.

❗ We urge our citizens in the temporarily occupied Crimea to do their best to avoid any participation in the military formations of the aggressor country. Sabotage the decisions of the occupiers! Remember, your life is the most expensive thing you have! If you can’t avoid the mobilization and be drawn to war, then surrender at the very first chance. This will save your life and keep you from obeying criminal orders.

Important!! ️ Execution of criminal orders that can lead to casualties among the civilians or destruction of civilian infrastructure will be classified as crimes without statute of limitations, so sooner or later you will suffer as provided by Ukrainian legislation t and international law is responsible. Even if you were mobilized for the war with Ukraine forcibly.


  1. This is clearly a crime. But, it’s only one on a long list of crimes committed by the Kremlin, which is currently the most criminal place on this globe.

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    • Again, they must not have faith they can hold Kherson so that would put Crimea at risk of returning to the homeland. They are out of troops so if they “mobilize” then they will have to pull orcs from somewhere else, right? Even if they do get some Ukrainians in Crimea to fight how effective could they be? They will just be meat puppets or the sabotage will be immense.

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      • “Even if they do get some Ukrainians in Crimea to fight how effective could they be?”

        I’d gather that their effectiveness is hardly worth mentioning. If they are true Ukrainians, they will surrender at the first possible opportunity, as the UA government suggests.

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