Post-war reconstruction plan: Switzerland will help rebuild the Odessa region, Belgium – Mykolaiv region, Sweden and the Netherlands – Kherson region

The Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden will participate in the revival of the Luhansk region within the framework of the post-war Recovery Plan of Ukraine, the Odessa region – Switzerland, the Nikolaev region – Belgium.

This, according to the head of the Luhansk OVA Sergei Gaidai, became known at an investment conference in Lugano, Switzerland.

The recovery plan, which was presented by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, includes 24 volumes of the developments of the National Council for the Reconstruction of Ukraine.

The leading countries of the world were offered to take a direct part in the restoration of certain regions of Ukraine. In particular, the Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden will take part in the restoration of the Lugansk region, Switzerland will be engaged in the restoration of the Odessa region, Ireland – Rivne, Germany – Chernihiv, Canada – Sumy, USA and Turkey – Kharkiv, Belgium – Nikolaev, Sweden and the Netherlands – Kherson, Norway – Kirovograd, Austria – Zaporozhye, Poland and Italy – Donetsk.

According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the plan will require about $750 billion. The main sources of recovery – from 300 to 500 billion dollars should be the confiscated assets of Russia and Russian oligarchs. In addition, it is planned to attract grants and loans from international organizations and partner countries, as well as investments from the private sector and extrabudgetary contributions from individuals and corporations.



    • It looks like Germany is planning to help rebuild Chernihiv and Italy Donetsk. I think its nice they sort of adopted these regions. One that I’m disappointed in is France. They are planning to help rebuild Odesa? Not much has damaged Odesa, the rats. Plus they are partially responsible to facilitating this genocide.

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  1. Where is the shithole that is causing all of this damage? Mafia land should be made to pay for EVERYTHING … AND pay compensation to Europe and the US and all the other nations that helped Ukraine and suffered economic damages.

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