Netherlands allocates EUR 200M loan for Ukraine

Netherlands allocates EUR 200M loan for Ukraine

05.07.2022 11:52

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has allocated a EUR 200 million loan for Ukraine, which will be used through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the day-to-day needs of Ukraine’s public sector, including the payment of salaries.

A representative of the Dutch government stated this at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano on July 5, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.

“Continuing our efforts to address Ukraine’s most urgent financial needs, I am announcing today that we have provided another EUR 200 million in financial assistance. This loan will be transferred to a special IMF account. The funds will be spent on the day-to-day needs of the Ukrainian government bodies, such as salaries for civil servants, school teachers, and medical workers,” said the representative of the Dutch government.

According to her, this will be another contribution of Amsterdam to the previous financial support for Kyiv, which currently totals EUR 140 million.

She emphasized that the Netherlands pays great importance to the problem of impunity and supports the punishment of Russian war criminals who commit crimes in Ukraine.

As reported, the international Ukraine Recovery Conference is held in the Swiss city of Lugano on July 4-5 with the participation of Ukrainian and international politicians, leaders of the EU and international organizations, international financial bodies, etc.



  1. Holland is a wealthy and successful country, so this is a piss-ass amount, dwarfed by what it pays putlerstan for energy. And it’s only a loan mind you!
    Holland is a victim of RuZZian terror, yet its citizens voted to keep Ukraine out of the EU.
    Is it that because they are tight arses or pro-RuZZia? I’d say a bit of both, although they are nowhere near as despicable as the EU’s big three of putinoid scum : France, Germany, Italy.

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      • It’s not even a gift Redders. It’s a loan and a very feeble one at that. Ukraine needs $15bn/month just to keep going.
        There are many fantastically wealthy countries that show goodwill but have given peanuts. To name just a few: Switzerland, the Scandies, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ireland, NZ, Aus, Japan etc.
        putler intends to continue his holocaust until he is dead; only to be replaced by another savage.
        These evil fucks will stop only if economically and militarily crushed.
        Ukraine will be in a catastrophic state if she looses and even if she wins, as she must, the rat nazi still has the scorched earth option. Which then would be up to his evil fucking Generals to stop the bastard going nuclear.

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        • I think there needs to be a sort of Marshall Plan for reconstruction. Honestly I’m appreciative to these countries being proactive and eager to help. Zelensky should open a commission to organize ruSSki assets being seized and money like this so that Zelensky is outside the process, above any corruption and can focus on winning the war.

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  2. I agree but still Netherlands is doing more then the big three assholes..France Germany and Italy. I also don’t want to forget the POS Orban.

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