France 24 English is putting out videos that appear little different from a RuZZian propaganda outlet


  1. If the gloating hag at the 0.25 point is representative of the city, she needs to be deported as soon as it is recaptured.
    Ukraine can no longer afford to harbor genocide lovers.

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    • I think that Ukraine has finally reached a point in which it has very little tolerance for treasonous behavior. It’s evident that having such bacteria in the country is very detrimental to the nation’s health.

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  2. The frog media feel that they must give their inglorious leader Macron some sort of reasonable justification for his extremely weak performance in the face of mafia land and his pathetic amount of help for Ukraine. Thus, putinism-type of propaganda serves their cause well. The same goes for kraut media, by the way, regarding Scholz, although there is some criticism now and then.

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      • That’s so true, Red. They have utterly failed to see the problems associated with multiculturalism elsewhere before engaging in this ghastly experiment, from which there is no way back.

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