Russia launches total budget cuts: they will save on roads and science

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation proposes to cut costs by 1.6 trillion rubles.

Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS
Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS

Russia launches total budget cuts. The government of the Russian Federation will “put under the knife” spending on science, industry and roads.

According to , the Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce federal treasury spending by 1.6 trillion rubles over the next three years. In particular:play video

ВСУ показали эффектную работу артиллеристов

  • the infrastructure construction plan is reduced by 390 billion,
  • the industrial development program will be cut by 200 billion,
  • 150 billion will be saved on science,
  • agriculture will be deprived of 25 billion from the budget,
  • they will spend less on space by 21.4 billion,
  • 15.8 billion will be saved to the state program for the development of the occupied Crimea,
  • 11.5 billion will lose state programs for the development of an innovative economy.

As a result, spending of the 2023 budget of the Russian Federation is planned to be reduced by 557 billion rubles, 2024 – by 539 billion, 2025 – by 534 billion.

Recall, earlier it was reported that due to the full-scale war unleashed in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin found himself in complete isolation and exile . If he loses this war, then he will be “ended,” Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin is sure.

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  1. Such cuts damage the society as a whole, and the military will not whether the cuts very well. When the roads go to pieces and the economy continues to slump, the cuts will engender the need for more and larger cuts. It is a vicious cycle that will take Russia into the sewer, where it belongs.

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  2. “Russia launches total budget cuts: they will save on roads and science”

    The reasons are simple; A) It is more important to set aside money to kill Ukrainians and to destroy their culture and their land. B) Kleptomania is running rampant in a country that knows it’s going down the shitter. C) Sanctions are “not” working. Lol!

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    • But these self sanctions are working, lol. This is a sign of desperation. Putler is on his last gasp and they are not prepared to maintain occupations through the winter. I would predict he won’t make it until Christmas.

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  3. Russia now has no car industry to speak of, so Russians won’t need roads. Russia never makes anything, so has no need for scientists. All in all, the de-industrialization of Muscovy is well under way.

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