From the LinkedIn page of Irina Mirochnik

I’m tired of blocking #Russian #trolls with profiles in Europe, USA and Canada

The troll usually looks very strange:
No posts on professional activities – only pro-Russian comments and reposts of Russian #propaganda
A strange history of learning and a strange history of work

EVERYONE!!! For some reason, someone favors the Russian version of history:
And stop telling me about 8 years of “Donbas bombings”
Unlike you, I was there
My uncle, cousin and brothers lived there.
And they fled from there to Odessa in 2014 – because they were #bombed by the Russians

Unlike you – we had suppliers and buyers there
And I personally accepted at least 100 employees who fled from the Russians in 2014 to my plant in Kyiv
And our #HR department spent a year looking for housing for them and their families.
But the Russians have started bombing Donbas right now again
The goal is the same as the 1999 bombings of a house on Kashirskoye Highway in #Moscow
And by the way – my own sister with her husband and newborn daughter then lived in a neighboring house. And my mother then was with them in Moscow.
How #Belgorod was bombed yesterday – in order to raise anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Russia – which began to receive #200 thousand in black garbage bags

Once again – trolls!!
Don’t visit my page
Work off your FSB-penny somewhere else
Maybe the Austrians or the French will believe you
But not me
I have too much experience in communicating with the Russian world, its ways and methods

And in my family history there is something to show both the USSR and the current KGB-gangster Russian regime

war #warcrimes #russianaggression #russianinvasion #russia #kgb #fsb #propaganda #media #stopputin

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  1. “I have too much experience in communicating with the Russian world, its ways and methods”

    Ditto! I also have more than enough experience communicating with brainless morons that others call russians or pro-russians.

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