Trucks for our army, bought in the UK, went to Ukraine today, we are preparing the second batch, – Poroshenko

The first batch of twelve Leyland DAF 45.150 trucks purchased with funds from volunteers and the Poroshenko Foundation left for Ukraine from the UK.

This was announced by Petro Poroshenko on his Facebook page. He also noted that they had already made a deposit for the second batch of 16 trucks.

An all-wheel drive diesel truck equipped with a winch is able to carry everything that is needed for the front. Ammunition, food and fighters, water and diesel fuel in barrels. It will deliver in tones everything that is needed in the position – from wood and staples to mines and shells, experienced volunteers say.

“Today we are going to Ukraine. God forbid that they help our defenders defeat the Russians,” says Marina Poroshenko.

“Some of the vehicles are equipped with cranes for loading large-caliber ammunition and MLRS – you can’t apply it manually. Marina and I hope that in a week these cars will be at the front,” Poroshenko notes.

The cars were fully prepared before being sent. For the sake of this, a volunteer flew from Canada to the UK, who previously worked at a factory for the production of engines for these cars. He checked each one to ensure that the vehicles arrived in Ukraine in good working order and ready to perform combat missions.

“With your help, your efforts, your prayers, we will defeat the rashists,” Petro Poroshenko thanked all the volunteers who joined this project and continue to help the army. As you know, the Poroshenko Foundation traditionally doubles the amount collected by the volunteers of the NGO Delo Gromad and Res_Publika. Brothers in Arms”.

Last week, Mitsubishi L200 pickups were handed over to the military in the south and east of Ukraine, in particular, in Bakhmut, Donetsk region.

Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the priority of Petro Poroshenko’s charitable activities. Since February 24, more than 400 million hryvnias have been spent on the needs of the army. These funds were used to purchase thousands of body armor and Kevlar helmets, weapons (including machine guns, sniper equipment, etc.), vehicles for the needs of the front, thermal imagers, drones, night vision devices, power generators, digital radio stations, starlinks, military clothing, turnstiles, systems water purification, funds for the construction of fortifications, fuel, food (including a large amount of grain and food packages for both the military and residents of the liberated cities).

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    • If Poroshenko hadn’t rebuilt the army after Yanukovich dismantled it for his buddy Putin, this war would be over now.

  1. “Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the priority of Petro Poroshenko’s charitable activities. Since February 24, more than 400 million hryvnias have been spent on the needs of the army.”

    Well done, Mr. Poroshenko!
    I never hear about any of the other oligarchs helping Ukraine…

    • Akhmetov is whining about his destroyed factories. No mention of helping the army remove the orcs. Kolomoisky has disappeared off the face of the Earth, probably hiding in Israel. As for the rest of them, no idea except for Medvedchuk, and we all know where he is.

      • Yes, only Poroshenko is there doing what he can to help, although it’s to his credit that the UA military has stood its ground in the first place in this war.

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